Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Seed Packet Valentine (candy free!)

I've been asked for candy free valentine suggestions a lot lately since many schools don't allow those kind of shenanigans anymore.  I totally get it and it's understandable in these days of life threatening allergies.  There's no need to pout, though, my friends!  You can still have fun and your kids can participate in the creation of some super cute Valentines.

Last year I made this one.  My kids enjoyed making them and it was so cheap and easy.  My son DID say he got some blank stares and comments like "that's it?" when he handed them out so that was sort of disappointing but seriously, kids can be ridiculous.

This year, my daughter and I are making these:

Note: please excuse the rumply nature of the packet in the photo.  My dog was trying to "help" and I stepped away for just a sec.


Anyway, this couldn't be easier.  Here's what you need:

You can get as fancy as you want.  Or not.  The printable seed poem can be found here.  I left a little room in case you want to add names or anything.  I also tried to make sure they weren't too lovey dovey because, as previously stated, kids are ridiculous.

You can get seeds just about anywhere, even Target has them.  If you want to get super serious, you can order them from Baker Creek or use their site to find them locally.  Their packaging the most beautiful in all the land. 

I punched holes in either side of the tag but you could punch a hole in the top and one through the seed packet and attach them that way if you want.  You have full creative license.  No one's in charge here.  I chose some pink yarn and red and white baker's twine but use what you have. There's no need to spend a lot on this project.  Even better, you can procrastinate, throw these together on February 13th, and still have time to catch up on Downton Abbey or whatever show the kids are watching these days.  

I hope this helps you come up with something cute for your kids to give their friends.  If you make them, let me know and you can post photos to my Facebook page or Instagram and share that way.  I would LOVE to see!

Happy Valentines Day, Lovers! 


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