Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Music from My Favorite

Whether you're a Hunger Games fan or not, you should listen to this new single from the sound track to Catching Fire.  I get excited by anything Sia does and this does not disappoint. Here you go: Elastic Heart by Sia (featuring The Weeknd and Diplo). You're welcome.

I love a good techno beat and this song just makes me want to go win at something.  My life is so boring, it might just be the effective kneading of a nice loaf of challah, but winning is winning.  PLUS I am a Hunger Games fan and I pretty much can't wait to go see this movie next month.  Anyone want to go with me?

Just for fun, I'll post another Sia video because she brings the inside of my head to life and it's always nice to feel like maybe I'm not the only crazy one.


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