Monday, September 16, 2013

Heat Wave Shmeat Wave Cocktail

Oh my word, you guys.  It's so hot here.  I am inundated with photos on social media of colored tights, scarves, browning leaves, and the dreaded pumpkin spice lattes and I am not gonna lie, they make me crabby!  This is the time of year when Southern California receives mega payback for it's divine weather throughout the rest of the year.  It's hot and sticky and the wild fire season is just around the corner.  While you're trying to pick a Halloween costume that will keep your baby warm, we are trying to pick some that won't make our kids too sweaty and will create minimal electric shock since it is about to get wicked dry around here.  (Get it?  Wicked?  Halloween?  No?...)

ANYWAY,  the theme right here is cool and fresh.  The fan is blowing, my hair is up in a frizzy topknot, and I am sipping on my drink o' the Summer.  It's based on a drink I had at the Ace Hotel that I loved so much I could have bathed in it.  I am not a fancy girl with fancy barware and I assume you are not either so I will tell you right now, there is no reason why you can't whip this thing up with minimal supplies.  I drink out of a jar, for pete's sake.  I don't even own proper glassware.  If you are fancy, forgive me.  I am a simple girl and maybe someday, I'll grow up.  For now, let's make a drink!

I can't even tell you how refreshing this drink is.  It is just right for a hot day. It has all my favorites in it and it comes together in a snap.

For the drink, you need thinly sliced cucumber and mint.  I like a LOT of this in my drink but you can adjust it to taste.  It's all up to you.

The liquids are pineapple juice, coconut water, and vodka.  My vodka is not pictured because I buy it at Costco, therefore it will not fit in the photo.  I like Trader Joe's Pineapple juice the very best.  Just make sure what you use is 100% juice or it will be too sweet and not that great.  Coconut water is easy to come by these days so use whatever is available.  

Here's the recipe:

Heat Wave Shmeat Wave Cocktail

1-1.5 oz vodka
a bunch of mint leaves, torn
thinly sliced cucumber
8oz pineapple juice
splash of coconut water

Pour the vodka into your glass.  Add the torn mint leaves and cucumber slices and use a spoon (or muddler, if you have one) to smoosh the cucumber and mint around in the vodka.  Add the pineapple juice, a scoop of ice, and top off with the coconut water. Stir it all together, grab a straw, and get ready to cool right down.  Cool. Right. Down.

Let me know what you think.  I guarantee the majority of you know more about cocktails than I do so please, share your input.  Stay cool and if you're somewhere Fallish...I forgive you.


Heather. said...

I love you for buying your vodka at Costco and not being ashamed to admit it. Jugs of liquor for everyone!

sarah said...

Thank you! Cost effective and plenty to share (or not share)

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