Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lean Green Lunch Packing Machine

We pack a LOT of lunches in our house.  Between 3 kids headed for school next week and 2 parents that work and refuse to eat in the cafeteria, we could potentially generate a ton of garbage just from our lunches alone.  The idea of that is sort of overwhelming to me.  I told you in my last post about laundry soap that a lot of people consider me a fanatic (especially when I show up to work with my canvas bag filled with super heavy glass containers clinking around), but considering what kind of waste your home generates is not ridiculous.  I think it's conscientious and purposeful.  There are SO many choices available to us now that even the big box common stores are carrying greener options for your lunches.  If money is a concern, consider what you will pay upfront for items you can reuse compared to the cost of the plastic sandwich bags you will need to pack lunches for the school year.  For our family of 5, it adds up quickly! I equate everything I buy with how many hours I have to work to pay for it.  I don't particularly love being a working mom so my hours worked are precious to me.  I don't want to waste them on plastic sandwich bags.  I don't mind, however, using them to buy products that will care for the planet and the health of my babies.  That's my angle, yours may be different but IF you decide to make some changes, here are some super simple products that I like from me to you with links to where to find them.  It's so easy it's CRAZY!

1. I have a set of these bags from Graze Organic and I LOVE them. They're made with super soft and durable organic cotton. I've been using this lunch bag for work for 2 years and it is still in excellent shape.  2. Lunchbots metal bento boxes are super fantastic.  I love a good bento box for packing the kids' lunches.  I like the kids to see their lunches all laid out.  Just looking at a pleasing food presentation will start the digestion process.  That's science, right there. 3. Chicobags are great for sandwiches that you want to stay fresh or fruits that may be wet like orange slices.  They don't leak and the fold over top design keeps freshness in. 4. Thermos. The old standby.  We've used these for YEARS.  The bottle keeps forever and you can buy replacement straws if your kids are chewers. 5. 4 ounce ball jars are awesome for a lot of things.  Obviously, they're glass so use your judgement with your kids, but I love these for yogurt, little snacks, salad dressing, grated cheese, whatever. 6. Booginhead Squeeze Em's   I have not used these but am going to order some.  They are great to replace throw away yogurt tubes or those applesauce squeezey things.  I'll let you know how that goes.

There you have it.  I hope this might help you know a little more about what's out there.  I have tried a LOT of products and these are some that I really like, but you may have different needs.  Don't be afraid to try something new.  If it benefits the planet, it will benefit you.  I promise it will be easier than you think! 


Rachel said...

My mom made my breakfast and packed my lunch for me right up until the day I left for college. I have not returned the favor for my girls...however they have turned out to be expert lunch packers, while I on the other hand always have a mad scramble out the door throwing random food products into my lunch bag!

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