Thursday, July 11, 2013


We just got home from the great Midwest a couple of days ago and I am already longing for good pizza, bars (the kind you eat, not the kind you drink in), and family.  I think my favorite thing about the Midwest is that we get to see people we're related to all over the place.  Our cousins live next door to our parents.  There's more cousins at the cabin in Michigan.  Next door!  I grew up with my small family and no cousins which I am extremely grateful for and was a blessing in it's own way, but this mega family thing is something that I really really like.  What I once found overwhelming, I now find comforting.  I love my nieces and nephew so much even even though there are some I've never met (aka the twins who I neeeeeeed to shnuggle before they're teenagers).  I long to have more babies for this and I want to be an old lady surrounded by family family family.  My grandmas in law are never in need of invitations and visits.  They are loved and their family is surrounding them with care and assistance in their golden years.

Our family lives in Indiana and my husband's grandma owns a little house on Shavehead Lake in Michigan that is just the perfect escape from TV and all the blah blah blah that comes with it.  No Khardashians allowed.  You don't, actually can't, do laundry and showers are optional because...lake water.   It's one of my favorite places ever and it did not disappoint this year.

Mike really enjoyed splashing everyone on the raft with a jet ski.  I feel like I got a glimpse of the 16 year old version of my husband.

Waiting for the turtle hunt...

Grandma and Ella

This kid...

Also waiting for the turtle hunt.

goober cousins being goobers

The turtle hunt happened

Uncle Steve and James building sand things.  All the kids are obsessed with Steve.

My Ma in Law made these dresses.  RIGHT?!  

(disclaimer:  Susan is pregnant so this is all I dared post of her lest she shiv me.  However, I can't wait to see the next babe she makes because this one is, I mean, just look)

Liam and Lily are 5 this year and killed us all dead with their cuteness.

This little miss is just amazing and I loved having 2 weeks straight with her.   And thank you Aunt Kathy for a sunset pontoon ride.  It was perfect.

My friends Doug and Erica have mini chickens.  It's ok if you totally spazz.  I did.  The breed is Bantam and I'm trying to figure out if I can sneak them past my HOA. Stella might think it's kids eat free day at Chic fil A. Bite sized nuggets. That could be a problem.

This really happened.  No fancy filters or anything.  Just God showing me something cool.

Like I said,  I had a great time and I am so thankful to my in laws for offering us somewhere so very Summery to spend our vacations.  I am thankful to them for working so hard to make a great vacation for all of us.  They make me feel so much like a part of the family that now, after 15 years, I can't imagine life without this family.  I feel very very blessed.


Heather. said...

Your kids are really just fifty shades of gorgeous.

sarah said...

Oh girl, thaaaaaaank you! Xo

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