Monday, July 29, 2013

Peach Ice Cream (and vanilla too)

My friend Karry dropped me off a BUNCH of peaches last week while I was at work.  Talk about an awesome surprise...I mean.  She has trees and hooks me up every Summer which is great because I can think of about one million uses for peaches.  Really, I can think of one million uses for all fruit so if your trees are dropping and you can't keep up, REMEMBER ME.  I will can for you.  The fruit doesn't even have to be pretty.

I decided to start off with peach ice cream.  I wrote an ice cream post here at my former blog what seems like forever ago and I am still using my same old ice cream maker from Cuisinart.  It is such a good little machine and has been serving us well for 3 years now!  I got it at Costco and I don't think the exact model is made anymore, but there is a new version of the same machine and I'm sure it does just as good a job.

I have discovered, over the years that I LOVE making ice cream.  I can take it in any direction. People have built restaurant empires off of ice cream and they are putting all kinds of amazing flavors together with the only binder being sugar and cream.  Proscuitto ice cream?  Wha? One of my favorite ice cream cook books is Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones. It features really good custard based ice cream recipes and an endless selection of mind blowing combinations and desserts you can make with their flavors.  I made some coffee ice cream cake out of that book last year and promptly fell over dead from deliciousness.  These kinds of recipes are really fun if you are feeling motivated and "in the mood" but, let's face it, most of the time we just want to throw something together quickly.  Maybe we have a bunch of peaches we need to use and don't want to generate any sort of heat on a hot day and want to whip something delicious out by the time the kids are done with dinner.  Maybe.  If that sounds like you, (totally sounds like me)  I give you...

The first thing I do is wash and chop up my peaches (don't tell anyone, but I don't even peel them), sprinkle them with 2-3 tablespoons of sugar, stir them all together, and let them sit in a covered dish for at least 30 minutes and up to 24 hours.  This is called maceration which is a term I don't enjoy because is means something totally different in health care.  We won't go there.  Anyway, you can do this with peaches, strawberries, and any berries, really.  My grandma had a bowl of sugary fruit in her fridge all Summer long.  I think of her every time I do this. P.S. this was 3 peaches which was plenty for one batch of ice cream.

When I'm ready to make ice cream, I start with my standard vanilla ice cream recipe.  It is a great go to recipe that comes together really fast and makes everyone happy.  It calls for Vanilla Bean which I get at Trader Joe's, but any grocery store will have them.  They're an essential pantry item, in my humble opinion.

 2 cups heavy cream
1 cup milk (I use 2%)
3/4 cup sugar
seeds of one vanilla bean

Mix the cream, milk, and sugar in a bowl and whisk it a bit.  Scrape the seeds of the vanilla bean into the mixture and whisk everything together until the sugar is combined well.  

(if you've never scraped the seed of a vanilla bean, I just mean make a slit down the length of the bean, open it up, and use your knife to scrape the teeny tiny seeds into the cream mixture.  Don't cut yourself)

Pour the whole mixture into the frozen bowl of your ice cream maker and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Peach variation:

When the ice cream is getting near done, pull out your peaches and mash them up with a potato smasher or you can use your hands if you don't have a potato smasher.  (From experience, smaller chunks are better because they become pretty icy in the freezer if they are too big) 

Pour the ice cream into a freezable container with a lid and stir in the peaches. Mix them all in really well so there is an even distribution.  Put the container in the freezer until you are ready to eat it up.  

***You can eat it right away, but ice cream tends to be a bit soft when you pull it right out of the ice cream maker.  I prefer to let it freeze up so we can put it in cones if we want.

When you're ready, scoop it up and enjoy!


Laurie @ Gallamore West said...

YUM!! I love our new ice cream maker AND I love peaches! Pinning this for when I'm done with this dreaded Whole30... again. I'm on Day 2. Wish me luck! xoxo, Laurie

sarah said...

Oh No! Whole 30!! You are a champion! When you're done, I'm going to make you something delicious.

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