Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mas Opportunities!

I am always on the hunt for ways to get my handmades into the hands of peeps who will love them so I was more than a little excited when I learned about The Tethered Crate.

Have you heard of this?  Curated box subscriptions are quite the thing now and you can get them for beauty products, handmade goodies, food, and even "man stuff".  The idea is, you pay a subscription, and a box of carefully chosen items comes to your door.  It's like fruit of the month only hipsterized aka- all the cool kids are doing it... or were doing it before you...or were doing it before it was mainstream...or are doing it because it's ironic.  Whatever your reasoning, get in on it!

I applied to The Tethered Crate because I like what they are doing for the handmade community and the broader community as well.  Did you know they donate a portion of the proceeds to charities?  Every month, you are not only helping to encourage and promote handmade crafters, but you know a part of your investment is going to groups in need.  I always go for that.  (ahem FeedUSA at Target)  I read all the pages on their website and loved Jessi and Megan and their mission.  I feel really blessed that they have accepted my contribution to the August box.  I can't wait to be a part of this project.  Soooooo, if you want some rad earrings and 3-5 other handmade items for just $19.99, do yourself a favor, get on over there, and sign yourself up!

*if you are interested in some other box subscription sites, check these out too.

1. birchbox-beeeeeauty for men and women

2. the mantry-man food.  only the good stuff.

3. craft coffee-self explanatory

4. kiwi crate-crafting for kids

5.  little passports-teaching you kids to think globally and learn about different countries


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