Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sputter, Hack, Cough, Blog...

I have the worst cold.  When I say cold, I don't mean the common cold.  I never get the common cold.  I get the same germs as everyone else and they morph into some virulent evil super germs inside my body and try to kill me.  I take vitamins, I drink fluids, I consume mass amounts of green smoothie, but for whatever reason, when I get sick, it's like the end.

I am knee deep in tissues and cough medicine and about the only thing I have energy to do is paint.  I am no good at laying around and my bones have been hurting too much for me to sleep so I've been painting and painting turned into editing and editing turned into a bloggy facelift over here and I like it.  I hope you like it too.  If not, I'm on a lot of cold medicine so I probably won't notice.

Image found here. I would pay 25 cents in a heartbeat.  Unless they were going to bleed me.  Then I would reconsider.


Heather. said...

Aww. Feel better, pal.

sarah said...

Thank you! I'm getting there...

Anonymous said...

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