Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm A Podcast Junkie

I love radio shows.  I don't mean the force feeding of popular music (lay off with the Chili Peppers, San Diego!) or talk radio where people are just yelling at each other or worse, yelling at me, but well researched, beautifully edited radio.  I love informative shows, entertaining shows, storytelling shows, trivia shows...I love all of it. It probably started with my parents listening to A Prairie Home Companion when I was a little rugrat. I loved the music and the comedy and the stories were so well told they came to life in my imagination.  My parents were both radio lovers before people had TV's in every room.  My mom loved her news and my dad was always trying to find the Dodger game on whatever horribly poorly received station was airing it. Through insane static and clicking, he could get Vin Scully's voice calling the game.

Radio is so convenient now, it's not even really "radio."  Podcasts are like DVR for my radio shows.  I can catch up on all my favorite shows when I have time to listen and for me, that means hours on end on a Saturday when I'm cleaning my house. NPR is my go to place for all the best shows.  I want share some of my favorites with you with links for you to try them out.  Maybe you'll listen to some and find that you're as geeky as me.  Maybe.

1. This American Life:  This show tells stories from around the country following a certain theme.  Some are hilarious, some are informative, some will break your heart.  Whatever it does to you, I promise you'll learn things. This Poultry Slam  from 2011 is one of my all time favorites.  This one (Part 1 and Part 2) about Harper High School in Chicago is a must listen. There are kids exposed to daily gun violence in our own country.  Daily. Every day.  It didn't make national news so I'm thankful this show carried the story.  This one on disability benefits is really a mind bender and pulls you through a whole range of emotions on a subject you probably have strong opinions on.   I highly recommend it but I like being challenged.

2.The TED Radio Hour:  This show is based on the spreading of new ideas and perspectives based on a theme.  It's my latest addiction.  I can listen for hours and I want to talk about what I heard with everyone.  This one on giving is really good. I listened to it twice.  This one on learning shares some crazy science on what babies are learning even in the womb.  Really, they're all good and worth a listen.

3. Car Talk:  I don't know anything about cars and am not even a little bit of a car person (I drive a 13 year old mini van) but these guys are so funny and entertaining, they make something I wouldn't normally be interested in intriguing and interesting.  And also hilarious. They even had my pal Martha Stewart on this episode and it was really fun.

4. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me:  This a nerdy news quiz show each week featuring comedians and celebrity personalities chatting about current events, taking quizzes, and making hilarity along the way.  This is the ultimate in nerd comedy so, obviously, I'm all in.

5. A Prairie Home Companion: What can I say?  When this show is done, there will never be another.  They're all good, I had a hard time picking one, but I really like Brandi Carlisle and the Wailin' Jennys so you could try it and see what you think.

These are my top 5 and I hope you'll listen to some.  Let me know what you think and if you have any others I should try, I would love to know.  Now that's enough nerdery for one day, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

Oh, and while you're at it, this Moth podcast about Lego and this one by Molly Ringwald are two of my favorites.  Just stories well told that I really relate to...if you know my oldest son, you'll understand.


Heather. said...

Is it totally weird that I've never listened to a podcast? I feel like it's totally weird.

sarah said...

Not weird! That's why I wrote this. If you want to listen, you can have somewhere to start! Let me know if you do.

sarah said...

I was just looking at it. My husband just listened to one with the boys last week and they were all talking about it so it's definitely on my "to listen to" list. Thank you!

Nuria said...

Oh Sarah, thanks so much for this, these are wonderful links for me to improve my English! I wish my Ted was on the radio too ;)

sarah said...

Nuria, sometimes I watch Novelas to improve my Spanish. Haha! They're so good!

Rachel Reeves said...

I just downloaded all of these! Yay!!

sarah said...

Oh Rachel! I hope you enjoy them! I just got tickets to the Radiolab live show in November and my nerdy little heart is going litter patter.

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