Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hey There Nurses...

It's almost the end of nurses' week.  Did you miss it?  I almost did.  Back in the day there were little events at the hospital every day of the week but for whatever reason, this year, there's not so much going on.  It doesn't make me any less appreciative of the crazy ladies and gents I work with, however. I can't do any of what  I do alone and it's my fantastic coworkers that keep me laughing when I want to scream, that never say no when I ask for help, and inspire me with their unceasing desire to help people that don't always want their help.  To be honest, a lot of days I come back for the patients, but some days, the patients push me and challenge me and even yell at me so on those days, I come back knowing that at the very least, I'm going to get to spend the day with some people that I really like and that make me happy.  If the patients want to push and challenge, I know it's not just me that's going to be on the other side pushing back, but a line up of some truly smart and strong nurses.  I'm thankful for my team, I'm thankful that I have a job in nursing, and I am proud to be a part of this crazy family.

So hey there, nurses...


Nuria Pérez Paredes said...

It´s probably one of the best families a person can belong to. Happy day! :)

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