Saturday, May 18, 2013


When I made the decision to try to sell my handmades, I had a lot of doubt.  I had so much doubt, I talked myself out of it about 47 times but when I finally really truly made the decision to give it a go, I made a list of goals to keep myself on track. I am a procrastinator, a doubter, a skeptic, and I am so easily overwhelmed. I made this list of basic goals and tried to convince myself I could do it but I never really accepted the idea that I might actually be able to.  As the months have passed, my confidence has grown thanks to the encouragement of people I love and trust and new goals have been set but a major one on my list, one of the "big fish", was to take my crafties to Make Good, an amazing shop in San Diego that carries the work of local artists.  I love the place.  I respect what they do and it would mean so so much to me to have my items displayed there. 

I sent off an email last week with some photos and my shop's address and said some prayers that I would get a reply and that I would have peace if I didn't.  That's my prayer about most things these days.  Peace.  It's like a vapor so hard to hold on to...

Welllll, I DID get a reply and was able to set up an appointment to show my goods.

All this leads up to me sitting out front of the shop yesterday, sweating, praying, hopped up on cold medicine, willing my nostril to not leak on any of my embroideries.  I went in, met Sophia who is so kind and took on a lot of my inventory, encouraged me, and totally put me at ease with the process.  I left the shop feeling excited and inspired.  I am honored to be a part of something local and supportive of the artists in our fine city.  I feel legit and that's something I've wanted to feel all along.  


Rachel said...

Love it!

Heather. said...

That is such big news! Congratulations!

Nuria said...

You can´t imagine how happy I am to read this!!!!!!!

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