Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bring Your Kids: Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego

***this is about art, but I promise not to use the word "juxtaposition" on***

My husband is one of the last remaining newspaper subscribers.  By newspaper, I mean news-PAPER. He actually gets the paper on our doorstep every morning.  He's an old man for life.  Because of this, he always knows what's going on in town.  He reads it from cover to cover, cooks from the recipe section, murmurs under his breath at the opinion section, and attends activities he sees in the Night and Day section.

 Last month he saw an exhibit coming to the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla called "Lifelike" which features art that looks like something familiar or recognizable, made from something unexpected.  Unexpected is probably the best word for the whole thing.  From the white garbage bag carved from marble to the guy in the sleeping back cast in bronze, the whole exhibit was unexpected.  There were little hidden bits and pieces all over the museum that we would have missed had we not been prepared; bees on the ceiling, electrical outlets painted on tiny canvases, and ashtrays filled with cigarette butts on random window sills.  The kids were totally into it.  There was so much color and fun in the exhibit, they were amazed and interested and learned about all the many forms of art.  Madeleine is especially interested in art and had lots of questions about how things were made and I could see the creative lights dancing in her eyes and little lightbulbs going on above her head.

One of the great things about this museum is the location.  It's perched above the most beautiful stretch of beach and ocean.  James walked up to a window and said the view was it's own work of art.  He's right.  It's breath taking.

Oh wait!  I didn't tell you about this tiny elevator "Untitled" (2001) by Maurizio Cattelan.  I came around the corner and husband and 3 children were laying on the floor in front of this thing giggling and ooooooing.  The doors opened and shut, lights changed, and it dinged like a real elevator.  Amazing.

  Rikrit Tiravanija

I don't have a lot of photos of the exhibit because of the lighting, but Liam's reaction to this shrimp pad thai was hilarious.  "MOM ARE THOSE REAL SHRIMPS? HOW ARE THE STICKS STAYING UP THERE? IS THAT REAL FOOD? CAN YOU EAT THAT? WHY IS IT IN A BOX?"  We had a chat about appropriate vocal volume inside of museums...

We had a picnic after the museum and squirrels

Lifelike will be at MCASD through May 27 and I hope you'll go see it.  The price of admission gets you in to either the La Jolla location of the museum or the downtown location for 7 days and everyone under 25 is free!  Lifelike is only at the La Jolla location, but downtown has a lot to see too.  Such a great value for a family outing.  Don't be afraid to take your kids to this museum. Trust me, if my kids could do it, yours can too.  They're like puppies.  Big clumsy mischievous puppies that don't really listen that well. They were so interested, they behaved like champs, and learned something too. The staff at MCASD was friendly and patient with them and took time to talk to them about what they were seeing.  I really appreciated it and will definitely go back!  If you have a li'l baby, check out their "Stroll-in" events.  Bring your baby and enjoy a tour with activities for your little one and conversation with other art loving grown ups. Did you hear me? Grown ups! *Gasp*  Run, don't walk.


Nuria PĂ©rez Paredes said...

I fell in love with that tiny elevator on your IG feed but missed the museum location!! My gosh, what a stunning place!!

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