Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Went Camping

Our kids work really hard at school.  They put in more hours at their job than I do so when their vacations roll around, Mike and I try to take time off to give them a true vacation. We decided to open up our week of Spring Break fun and festivity with a little camping trip.  San Diego is pretty crazy in that we can be in forested mountains within an hour and laying on the beach just a few miles to the West.  We are very blessed here, for sure.  Unfortunately, it all catches fire every few years but we won't talk about that right now.

We drove up to Mount Laguna and were the only people there other than a couple of old folks in a motor home.  I soon discovered the reason when Mad and I approached the bathrooms only to see padlocks and a sign saying they were closed for Winter.  This is Southern California, what is this Winter you speak of?  Apparently their pipes can freeze there so whatever, we had a well pump and pit toilet and we're not fancy people so we worked with that.  I mean...the place was breath taking.

We rode bikes, cooked over the fire, played with the dog, hiked, climbed trees, sat on logs, and just enjoyed being the only people out in this beautiful place.  We let Stella off leash and she was amazing.  She has been such a challenge lately but this was her element.  She was so curious and sniffed and snorted for a good 10 hours straight.  She got all mountain dog and was acting like she totally knew what she was doing in the woods.  Like she's Balto or something.

The ax fell when the sun went down, though, I gotta say.  It was freezing.  No...I mean was freezing. I learned about the Winter they mentioned. There was frost on the ground and my hand washing pot was covered in ice.  We all survived, but Stella decided being Balto was totally lame if you don't have a lot of fur and a bare butt. She also decided my sleeping bag was the place to be except that I already had Liam in there so there was some wrestling and eventually Stella gave up on me and crawled into Mike's sleeping bag early in the morning and was snoring within 30 seconds.  

The next day we went for a hike/ride before we headed home.  The kids rode their bikes on a trail I never could have rode and they were amazing.  Even little Liam rocked it. 

Despite the cold, we had a great trip and I can't wait for many more in the next couple of months.  The kids were troopers and the dog was spectacular.  What more could I ask for?  Well, maybe a working sink and some heat...maybe.


Nuria Pérez Paredes said...

How beautiful! Gorgeous pictures. Camping is just the best for kids. Girls love it too :)

sarah said...

Thank you Nuria! We camped a lot when I was a child and I love sharing these experiences with my kids now!

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