Sunday, April 7, 2013

Watch It: Call the Midwife

Ok, so Downton was disappointing this season.  It was such a downer season I left feeling like nothing was left.  I plan to stick with it next season, but I really hope they pick it up a little.  Now that my favorite characters are both dead, I just don't know...

In the meantime, I have gotten fully and shamelessly addicted to Call the Midwife.  My cousin recommended it to me last Summer but it took me awhile to catch up and let me just say...I LOVE it.

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I love the characters, the scenery, the stories...I love it all.  I love being reminded of what nursing used to be about before we had to start spending more time with computers than we do with our patients.  I love seeing a time when healthcare came to the patients in their homes, when women had their babies in their bedrooms, and nurses had serious skills because they had to function with very little support.  I love to imagine a time when nurses served their communities and knew whole families by name.  It makes me proud of what I do.  Our roots are so strong and it is good to be reminded of where we come from.  We have been joined by insurance premiums, more sophisticated illnesses, and men (thank God for that, let me tell you) and have adapted to the need but looking back is useful and inspiring.  I feel encouraged and touched.

I found some Call the Midwife inspired goodies around that I lurve and wanted to share with you:

1. this medicine cabinet from Lath and Plaster on Etsy.  It's awesome. That is all.
2.This enamelware from Anthropologie looks so fresh and clean.  I just love it!
3. These Erin oxfords from Frye forever and ever and ever. I love sensible shoes.  
4. This Mapleton Embroidered Cardigan from Anthropologie.  It has such nice details!
5.  This Fossil Vintage Revival bag reminds me of an old medical bag.
6. This Meow-ily We Go Along dress from Modcloth.  It's super sweet and just right for Spring.  

So, if you want a little retro fix, check out Call the Midwife.  You can see season one on Netflix instant and season 2 just started last week on PBS.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


Rachel said...

I love Call the Midwives too! Kenzie has been scarred for life when she watched one of the birthing scenes with me

Nuria Pérez Paredes said...

I love this post! Love the way you´ve mix the series with the styling tips. And I totally agree with you, Downton Abbey was so dissapointing!! Love Call the Midwife as well and I´m also happy to have my weekly fix of Don Draper again (do you watch Mad Men?). Thanks for sharing!

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