Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Less Than A Month!

I got an email today from the lovely ladies hosting my first craft market telling me it's coming in less than a month. I know this fact since it's been on my calendar forever but seeing it in the subject line in an email made my stomach do jumping jacks.  I have been working like crazy to make things for the market but have yet to start designing my booth.   I know when I start, I will get obsessed with little details and forget all else so I am saving that bit for last.

I have been setting goals for myself each week to keep me on task and varying what I'm making at any given time to help with my crafting ADD.  I might make 5 bonnets one day, then switch to cowls, then hats, then earrings, then back to's working for me.  But then I'll have a moment at work where I'll blurt out "OH! I'm gonna make ______ too!" I'm trying to edit.  Trying.

I did all my government stuff right off the bat so I wouldn't have all that hanging over my head.  Since I haven't technically made any money from my biz yet, that hasn't been too much of a headache but I am assured that the SBOE is very easy to deal with.  Hopefully, they're better than the state nursing board which is all I have experience with currently.

I also have been reading this book.

It's full of all the useful information I need and asks all the hard questions about what I hope to achieve from this venture.  It's good for me to ask myself what I want to do here and how much I intend to put into it since I already have a paying job that I went to a lot of school for as well as a family that has to be my priority.  Hour for hour, this will never ever pay me what I get paid as a nurse.  It won't give me benefits or retirement or sick time... so why bother?  I suppose, mostly, I love handmade and I love creating and I want to share it. This is a community I want to be a part of even if my part is tiny.  I am not delusional enough to think that I'm going to be a bazillionaire making my little fiber crafts, but when I send a cowl off to a beautiful teacher on the East coast and she loves it, I feel amazing.  Ah-mazing.  When I blog a bagel recipe and someone makes it and it works and they tell their friends and everyone in a neighborhood is making bagels and experimenting and having fun in the kitchen, it makes me so happy.  My goals may change but I am ready to be flexible.  I am hoping this market will help me be brave and take more risks.  I hope it will be the first market of many.  In the meantime, I hope you'll come see me in Ramona on April 27. I'll be the one with the freckles.  Probably drinking coffee.  


Jennifer Nelson said...

Sounds like you will have a great booth! I might try and come!!!

Heather. said...

I'm so sad that I left before the event. Best of luck to you, lady... I know you'll do great.

sarah said...

Heather! I'm so nervous! I'm going to have fun, I know, I just hope people like my scene!

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