Sunday, March 17, 2013


This has been a week of accidents. Real ones. On Tuesday, riding high on the excitement of an etsy sale, I ran to the post office where an SUV ran into me. My car is not fancy. It's a geriatric minivan. However, it's my geriatric minivan and I am a bit attached to it. Plus, who has money for a new car these days? I need at least another year out of it!

Then on Friday, my laptop took a bath. I slammed it shut and immediately drove to the Apple store ER style only to be told the "geniuses" leave at 7:45 and I should make an appointment to see said "genius" (the great and terrible) the next day. I went in the next day and was told there was nothing to be done and I should turn it in for repairs at a convenient flat rate of $750!! I was told by the "genius" that they like to offer options so they would also like to direct me to the refurbished laptop section of the website for the purchase of a new computer. I asked,"what about just letting it dry completely?" He said I could do that. I asked how long I should wait and he said he didn't know. I informed him I would be making some phone calls and consulting the interwebz. Currently, my laptop is sealed in a plastic bag full of rice and my fingers are tightly crossed. Stay tuned...

I am currently typing from my blogger app on my ipad. As much as Apple frustrates me every time I have a problem, I do love their products so here I am and I am thankful. Here's to a new week and high hopes for no accidents!


Rachel said...

Please tell me the swagger wagon will make it! If my memory serves me correct, didn't mike buy that thing in college? What god fearing woman dates a guy with a van?!!!

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