Monday, February 11, 2013

You Rock My Boat!

Hello, my friends and happy LOVE week!  If you're like me, this week snuck up on you and you have Valentines to make and parties to prepare for and other celebratory business upon you with nothing planned.  If you're not like me, you've already made 100 of the world's cutest Valentines, have your house completely decorated, and cupcakes baked for teachers.  I know you're out there. I've seen you on Pinterest.

My son is 9 this year and I have been wondering if this is the last year I'll have input in his Valentines.  This seems to be the year when Valentines start to have significance.  I remember  Valentine's Day when I was 9.  It was the first year I had a "boyfriend" and I still remember the Valentine he gave me.  It said "I hope you know God loves you so and it's true that I do too." Obviously this meant he was totally in love with me. Smitten.  He dominated the who will you marry side of my MASH game that whole year (we also lived in a mansion, drove a porsche, and had 5 beautiful children, duh).  I remember going through my Valentines in 3rd grade and picking out each card for each person in my class very specifically so my message would be clear.  The lovey gushy stuff was only for my very best friends.  I couldn't have any of those stinky boys getting the wrong idea, after all.

The thought of my oldest son starting to think this way sends chills up my spine.  No matter how I try to halt time, he just keeps growing and changing and while I can't wait to see what kind of man he'll become, I shudder at the idea of him starting to notice girls and, God forbid, loving one more than ME!
With all this on my mind, I set out to help him make Valentines that would not create the stress of giving the wrong message to the ladies or being too gushy for his little dude friends.  We came up with something simple with the same message for each kid.  YOU ROCK MY BOAT!

This is a really simple idea which makes it perfect for little kids.  Liam really enjoyed making them too and knowing how to make origami boats is an important boy skill that will serve them well.

You don't need a lot of supplies.  We used Newspaper which we already had, but you could use Valentiney paper, construction paper, or whatever floats you boat.  Get it?  Floats your boat? Ahahahaha!  *sigh*  The measurements I used for the paper were 4 x 5 1/2 inches and that gave me a cute sized boat that fits in little hands nicely.

I made a printable of the banners and they're black and white so if you don't have a color printer, it's nooooo problem. You can find the printable pdf of the banners here.

I made a sketch of the boat instructions which are slightly lame but were fun to draw.  
The printable PDF can be found here.

The most helpful resource is probably Youtube.  I found this video helpful.

We put a teeny piece of tape at the end of the toothpick and poked it up through the top of the boat from the underside so that when it was the height we wanted poking out to the top, we were able to stick the tape to the inside of the boat to hold it in place.

We folded the banner in half and glued it to itself around the toothpick. If you're really fancy, you could print the flags on sticker paper and skip the glue.

Have a happy Valentine's Day!


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