Saturday, February 23, 2013

Snow Day!

Here in San Diego, snow is a rare and special occurrence. We're on pins and needles waiting for the one cold/rainy week out of the year that promises snow in the mountains. We scramble for boots and gloves in our kids' sizes, we get out the chains, and head up the mountain hoping for the best. Usually, there's just one perfect snow day and the next day the melt has already started and you're in subzero gear from the waist down and t shirts and sunglasses from the waist up. The sled runs are a mix of slush and mud but we slide down over and over again because we know won't see the snow again for a whole year or more.  We may even drive up 2 days in a row for maximum play time.

This week was the week. Temps in the 40 and 50's here with rain and hail meant snow in the mountains!  Mike (husband) and Liam (baby) went up Thursday while I was at work and kiddies were at school and then had pity on us and drove up again yesterday.  Sure enough, the melt had started and hills were muddy, but there was enough left for snow ball fights, fort building, and sledding.  It's always strange to look around and see everyone rolling around in the snow in t shirts and snow pants.  We were sweating under our stocking hats since it was in the low 60's and sunny, but really, it was perfect for little kids and it wasn't cold enough to bring on the boogers so I was happy.

Something about this photo is hilarious to me...probably the combination of James' face and the fact that Liam lands in this position every time.  And the people on the log.


irene joy said...

look at mike all tough in a t-shirt!

sarah said...

Right? Badass.

Heather Favro Binuya said...

You have the cutest little minis.

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