Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Just Three Good Things

Work has been pretty hard lately.  I mean overwhelmingly hard.  This flu season isn't messing around and frankly, it's a jerk. I was starting to let it get to me and I have a rule that I do EVERYTHING in my power to not take the stress home with me but every once in awhile it creeps into my outside life and can be a huge downer.

Yesterday I was catching up on a favorite blog, IROCKSOWHAT, and the lovely Jess has been hosting a link up about finding 3 good things about your week and sharing them.  I think it's a great idea and started looking at my Instagram photos of the last couple weeks and realized I have a lot to be happy about. I had trouble narrowing it down.  Some of the things even had to do with work like new shoes, fresh donuts, and grateful patients.  Yeah, I know, I'm easy to please.

Here's my good stuff:

I had to work Saturday and was feeling tired and irritable and when I walked out of the garage, I came upon this sunrise.  It took my breath away.

New shoes.  I love me some grandpa style and these really fit the bill. I mean...just look!

Liam is getting so good on his skateboard.  I have had so much fun watching him skate around.  He is insisting on disobeying my order to stop growing up so I am trying to hold on to each moment...

I hope your week is/was great and don't forget to focus on the good stuff! There's almost always something...

IROCKSOWHAT Three Good Things


Heather. said...

I tell my kids to stop growing all the time, and have been since my son was about 8. Guess what? HE'S 15 NOW. Kids never listen.

Jennifer said...

That sunrise is breathtaking! My son is five and I don't want him to grow up hoo.. :)

sarah said...

Why can't they just stop it already?!

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