Sunday, January 27, 2013

Biiiiiig Things!

I am currently feeling verrrrry nauseated.  No.  I am not pregnant.  However, I did give birth to an Etsy shop today and that is one of the scariest things I have done in a long time! I have started this about one million times in the last 5 years but finally, this year, I decided my excuses had played out and it was time to just. do. it. already.

I decided little goals were the way to my success so I just started knitting.  And knitting.  And knitting.  My hands are swollen when I go to bed at night and my husband told me I am a yarn hoarder. I swear the little old lady at Michael's knows me by name.  My little corner of the living room is pretty ridiculous.  It's like that Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland when you come into the underground cave full of gold and there's a skeleton sitting on top of the pile.  Except it's not gold, it's yarn.  And I'm not a skeleton (I'm a bit more on the fleshy side, really).  I decided to start with cowls and I decided I would make 8 and then open up shop.  It's amazing how once you start going with your ideas, more and more come flowing out of you.  I picked up my watercolors and made some original bits for my shop and this blog.  I love opening up this page and seeing that it's!

Beyond the anxiety and nausea, I am excited for this opportunity. Even if I only sell one cowl and it's to my mom, I am so grateful to have this venue to be creative and challenge myself.  I used to sell crocheted bags and hemp necklaces in college for coffee money and tickets to Farm Aid (go ahead and say it...hippie) and I had this nagging fear that someone was going to come up to me and demand their money back telling me it was the worst bag ever and fell apart 5 minutes later. That never happened and, in fact, my sister in law recently told me she still has hers.  However, it's that same fear that has kept me from opening up shop a long time ago.  Well that, and my little kids, and my paying job, and life in general...

Anyway,  I hope you'll check out my shop and keep watching for new stuff.  I'll probably bust out some little hats soon and more stuff for the kiddies.  Now that I have done my initial power knitting and shop stocking, I feel like I can slow down a little and branch out.

I provided a little link up top in my menu bar so you can head right over there any time you want (ahem no pressure). I also posted some links to my various social media spots so you can stay updated whichever way you prefer.  I like Instagram best and am most active over there.  Some of these places will be under construction here and there as I transition from my old bloggy home to my new one. I look forward to this adventure and now, I think I'll have a glass of wine.

Here's the cutest little model in one of my cowls.  


Tanya Anema said...

Still have a hat that you knitted in college. It is still in one piece and going strong. You probably don't remember it anymore, but I think of you whenever I come across it. Glad to see you use your creative and artistic abilities that God has blessed you with. Blessings on your new endeavors. Tanya Anema

Rachel Reeves said...

You are awesome, Sarah. May God bless this adventure!

Nuria said...

Good luck Sarah! Love seeing you here!! (@soynuriaperez)

Heather. said...

This is awesome. I have zero doubt you'll be a success!

Clara said...

Oh I know exactly how you feel! I love knitting and want to learn more complicated crochet to possibly have my own etsy shop. It is scary putting your artistic creations out there for people to use and judge! I be think your shop is adorable though and you are so creative. (@clariario on instagram)

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